Bikram Yoga Dangers

Bikram yoga is more intense than the hatha yoga technique that has become so popular over the last 50 years. While hatha yoga centers on the calmness and meditative effects the poses and breathing have on your body and mind, Bikram yoga is more of a workout. The fact that there may be Bikram yoga dangers may be hard to imagine. However, due to the specifics of the sessions, it is not a style of yoga that everyone can or should do.

Bikram Yoga Specifics

Bikram yoga is comprised of 26 different poses and they are done in sequence twice. The yoga session lasts for 90 minutes. The first twelve poses are standing poses and the remainder are lying on the floor and sitting poses. What truly sets Bikram yoga apart from other yoga practices is the heat. The room is kept at a temperature of 105 degrees with a humidity level that is slightly more or less than 50%. This addition of heat and the intensity of the poses make Bikram yoga a style that is definitely not for beginners.

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In order to begin practicing Bikram yoga, you must already be in relatively good physical shape. Having a high tolerance for heat is essential also, especially when you consider the length of time of the sessions. If you have any respiratory problems, Bikram may not be a good yoga routine for you. Doing Bikram yoga is not advisable if you are pregnant because of the rise of core temperature. You should be in good cardiovascular health due to the stress put on your system.

Bikram Yoga Dangers

Bikram yoga induces a great amount of sweat. This can lead to dehydration quickly and easily. If you practice Bikram yoga, you should drink almost twice the normal amount you would any other day. You should drink around 16 ounces in the two hours before the session. Some serious health problems can come on quickly if you do Bikram yoga without being properly hydrated. It is also not advisable to up your water intake too much, as this will cause bloating in the belly making the poses harder to do.

The heat alone for such a long time can cause Bikram yoga dangers aside from dehydration. The heat can cause dizziness and weakness. People who are not up to the intensity have actually fainted during the classes and this could cause physical injury if it happens without warning. The heat can also cause nausea and cramps. Heatstroke is another Bikram yoga dangers everyone should be aware of before trying it. Heat allows for more flexibility when you stretch for poses and this will allow you to hold poses longer. However this in itself can be a hidden dangeras you may be tempted to overdo it and not realize you are stretching too far, damaging ligaments or tendons without even realizing it.

Bikram yoga dangers are very real and can lead to serious injury if you don’t take the proper precautions. It is best to master the postures and breathing techniques of a more relaxed and calm yoga style first. Yoga is a way to get to know your body and mind better and find a deeper sense of clarity. One criticism of Bikram yoga is that there is not enough focus on the mental and spiritual benefits. Others think the intensity, heat, and difficulty of poses does make for a better sense of self and a higher feeling of clarity. Be sure to learn about the Bikram yoga dangers before starting the practice to be sure it is safe and effective for what you wish your yoga routine to be.

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